Star Theatre's PAST Productions - selection

Cardiff 2019 3 2nd audition for Peggys play

Above, FACILITATION ONLY / rehearsal for Peggy O'Neill's " A Gentleman's Agreement, also being considered for a film as well as a play.



 Above : Vampiril the Movie - short - first day of shoot , Cardiff, Wales, with award-winning actress Elizabeth Coyle.

Emerald Isle larp events

Emerald Isle Larp events -- since the launch of the new group in 2013, (Emerald Isle Legends Larp).


Built in Belfast

Bluebell Productions facilitation (STAR FACILITATION)

Above, FACILITATION  ONLY  & set design help at our Stranmillis premises of  a play by Bluebell Productions, starring successful Harry Potter actor, Anthony Boyle

Set & costume help on Cowboys & Dissidents - Lamb FilmsPreps for Spectrum show

Costume supply & set help with Lamb Films , award-winning: Cowboys & Dissidents  and below this, at the Spectrum Centre , Show Prep , Belfast

Autism Charity Bash

Red Door Spectrum Centre

Red Door playRed Door a


A Friend in Need