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Star Irish Dance DressesStranmillisIrish linen large cushionscossies 5cossies 6Georgian Farmer20DRESScossies 7cossies 8Wedding waistcoatsGeorgian Junior Lordset designed by M Kenny for Friend in Need
cossies 9
Some examples of work done for Film and Theatre events, Belfast , Liverpool and Wales.
Black Larp pouchcowboys and dissidents Costumes and Set for "Cowboys and Dissidents", the film by Director Wil Maloney, filmed in Belfast.
Georgian lady
Have a look at this fabulous Art Work from  local Artist, Alastair J Weir. enjoy. Irish Dance Costumes
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Occupy Belfast
Archive work :(2013/4)
formal fliers
  Any of the costumes featured here and over the entire website, can be hired at  minimal cost (£25 each costume for up to a 28-day period for groups/individuals, with a one-off £25 deposit returnable to you the customer at the end of the hire period)